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“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”–Thomas Jefferson, 1787

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Exclusive: Due to the travel ban in Spain, Indian students have to wait to travel and are feeling discriminated

3 mn read Not long ago, Indian administration started off a separate vaccination drive for Indian students who are planning to travel overseas for academics. The move is highly appreciated by the students and their families as it cleared one of the main hurdles in their way. But to their surprise, another obstacle just came in and halted the procedure. According to the students, travelling Spain for studies are facing visa issuance problem. Since India is experiencing delta variant cases too from last month, the result of mutation in corona virus, it has put India on red list that prohibits Spain administration to issue study visa to Indian students.

4 mn read

Chinese Human Rights Lawyer’s Daughter Reveals Her Last Phone Call with Father Before He Disappeared

4 mn read “In my fathers’s dream, a little girl knocked on his door, and she looked about seven or eight years old. She asked him if she could borrow his pen. But in the dream, my father didn’t have a computer. He didn’t know how to type. All he had as a weapon to defend himself was a pen. My father said to her, ‘This is the only thing I have, and I can’t give it to you.’ And the little girl said, ‘After I’ve done with this pen, I will give it back.’” This was the dream that Chinese human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng retold 4 years ago in is his last conversation with his daughter Grace Gao.

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Withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan a chaos in the region

5 mn read The withdrawal of US and allied forces from Afghanistan is proceeding faster than scheduled. At the same time, terrorist activities in Afghanistan have intensified although the Taliban are refusing to take the responsibility for the latest militia operations. The Kabul administration still controls Afghan cities and towns, while the Taliban’s grip on rural areas remains strong.