Journalism became crime in Pakistan

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Pakistani social media famous name “Choti Chiria” founder and journalist Bazeed Kharoti went missing on last Wednesday evening from Quetta, Balochistan.

Although, after eight hours of his abduction, Police, presented him in local Court, his brother Basith Khan last Thursday claimed on social media that his brother went missing last Wednesday evening and his phone was constantly switched off. When presented in Court Bazeed Kharoti also confirmed that he was kidnapped on Wednesday evening by some unknown personals and then very late night they handed over to local Police and today Police booked him in a false case and presented to court.

Thursday, on November 5th. Talking to Media Bazeed said ” I was Kidnapped by the order of Chief Minister of Balochistan, and his one Minister were involved in my Kidnapping, Minister’s henchmen kidnapped and detained me for eight hours, they kept me in detention at unknown place and then in the late-night they handed me over to local Police.”

“I am thankful to social media, it is the political case against me, I will inform all details about my ordeal during the Kidnapping when my bail application be granted from Court”, Kharoti said.

Outside the court Bazeed Karoti says to Journalists that he will keep continuing to help local people of Balochistan.

Choti Chiria is a very famous voice in Pakistani Social Media journalism, Choti Chiria Founder, Bazeed Kharoti highlighted and published reports on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, his news stories Related to the corruption of Balochistan Government, Balochistan Development Schemes, including News about negligence of Chief Minister of Balochistan and others Balochistan Ministers received so much publicity and attention in Balochistan.

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Members of Parliaments of Balochistan Assembly, Human Rights Activists, journalists and civil society activists strongly condemned the illegal arrest of the founder of Choti Chiria.

Balochistan National Party Mengal group and Member of Balochistan Provincial Assembly, Sana Ullah Baloch condemned the arrest and said “Journalism has become Crime in Balochistan.”

Senior Human Rights Activist, founder of International Human Rights Council Hong Kong, Baseer Naveed in strong words condemns the abduction of a journalist, by the henchmen of chief minister of Balochistan.

“He was popular blogger writing with the nickname of Choti Chiria which was a popular trend of social media. He was also raising voice against enforced disappearances and extra judicial killings. The government of Imran Khan has found the easy way to silence the voice of descending by disappearing journalists”, Baser Naveed said.

Pakistan became very dangerous country for Journalists where in many journalist became Killed, kidnapped and arrested, In July very senior and famous Journalist, Matiullah Jan, a critic of Pakistan’s Establishment and government was abducted then after released, In September another Renowned Journalist, Bilal Farooqui, who was also Army Critic was arrested.

According to the Freedom Network Organization Pakistan(FNOP) Annual Press Freedom Report 2020:

“Seven journalists killed, Two abducted, Nine arrested, Ten assaulted, Twenty Three threatened, Ten censored and eight slapped with legal cases in Pakistan.”

Photo: Freedom Network organization Pakistan

FNOP brief Reports of 2020 with title ” Murders, Harassment and Assault” describe that over 90 cases of attacks and violations against media in Pakistan registered in one year.

Pakistani journalists not only being kidnapped, disappeared, and murdered in Pakistan but this year 2020 a Baloch Pakistani Journalist from Balochistan Province first disappeared and then found dead in Europe.

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In Sweden, in the month of March, one Journalist Sajjid Hussain Baloch , who was Chief Editor and Founder of Balochistan Times, an on line Magazine , first went missing from Uppsala, a city near Stockholm Sweden Later on April last week, Swedish Police Found his body in the Flyris River, outside Uppsala Sweden.

Baloch Journalist was on self-exiled in Sweden from 2017. He had left Pakistan after receiving threats related to his reporting on issues of Human Right, Extra judicial killings and Disappearances in Balochistan province Pakistan.

Though after autopsy Sweden Police confirmed that ” Sajjid Baloch couldn’t be victim of Crime” but Journalism organizations, Pakistani Journalists and Human Rights Activists believe that Sajjid Hussain Murdered murder wasn’t an accident.

September 2020, Rupert Colville, The spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed high concerns over violence against Journalists issues in Pakistan and said ” We have raised our concerns directly with the Government and we have urged immediate, concrete steps to ensure the protection of journalists and human rights defenders who have been subjected to threats.”

It is a known fact that Pakistan has become a deadly dangerous place for the journalists and are forced to follow the dictates of deep state or remain ready for any circumstances including loss of life.

The government of Imran Khan which was the outcome of a huge campaign through social media is now against social media. His government tries to use every method to curb social media.

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