“Suspected of being assassinated by Pakistan’s intelligence agency” Exiled Baloch human rights defender and politician dies in strange circumstances

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Karima Baloch a prominent Baloch human rights defender found dead in Canada, she went missing on Sunday but then after this week Toronto Police found her death body in Lake Ontario, Toronto, Canada.

Karima Baloch was nominated in BBC list of inspirational and influential women for 2016.

37-year-old Karima Baloch used to attend three times(March, June, September) each year United Nations Human Rights Council Sessions in the UN office Geneva, Switzerland regularly to raise Baloch Human Rights issues in UN, she not only raised Baloch issues in the UN but she also attended Seminars and protests of all oppressed peoples of Pakistan in the UN office Geneva, Switzerland related to Human Rights abuses in Pakistan and China.

Karima Baloch Fellows Views

Baseer Naveed, Ex-Senior Researcher of Asian Human Rights Commission(AHRC) and very senior prominent human rights defender who lives in Hong Kong said, ”The issue of disappearance was very close to Karima’s heart, she campaigned against the enforced disappearance.”

”Her uncles, Dr. Khalid Baloch, was killed in August 2007 in an alleged encounter, in which the Frontier Corps(FC), a paramilitary organization, claimed to have been ambushed. According to reports by journalists and rights groups, encounter killings are often staged in Balochistan as a way of ridding the authorities of unwanted detainees.”

”Karima escaped to Canada in 2016. However herself exile did not stop her from activism and fight for the rights of the Baloch people. Karima also represented the case of disappearances of more than 20 thousand Balochs in the United Nation Human Rights Council in Geneva Switzerland.”

Sardar Shukat Ali Kashmiri(SSAK) who was kidnaped by ISI twice in Pakistan, is a very senior Human Rights Activist and Chairman United Kashmir Peoples National Party(UKPNP). He said, “Karima Baloch was Really a brave committed Baloch Activist with good leadership qualities.”

”We will miss her very much in United Nations (UN) hermemories and inspiring speeches in UN office Geneva Switzerland always keep and remain in our mind.”

Karima Baloch Police Report Chairman UKPNP added that “We demand to Canadian authorities to investigate properly and brought to Justice who are involved in her death.”

”I must say one thing openly that Karima Baloch was targeted and she was assassinated by her opponents, her tragic death was very similar to one Baloch Journalist, Sajid Baloch, who was killed same style in Sweden.”

Mumtaz Khan, who is also a senior Kashmiri Human Rights Activist and lives in Canada said, “The people who know her closely are not going to buy the Toronto police report and believing that she was killed not to silence her voice only but to silence other political dissidents living abroad and criticizing Pakistan’s establishment or struggling for their freedom.”

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Talking about Karima Baloch mysterious death Mumtaz raised questions and said, “She would travel 15 KM from her home to downtown and will take the ferry across the Island to commit suicide while there are many small lakes or the same lake passes through from she was living? And why would she wear an expensive dress and will commit suicide? Did the police investigate her husband or sister and brother to learn about the causes that could lead her to take such an extreme step? So there are many unanswered questions in the police report that still require investigation to get to the bottom of it.”

Munir Mengal, President of Baloch Voice Association, a Paris based NGO, who is also victim of disappearance for two years by ISI in Balochistan said, “As we Baloch have been receiving threats from Pakistani agency notorious ISI goons. So I am clear that ISI hand is behind the killing of Karima and Sajjid Baloch.”

Mengal added, “Earlier Pakistani two retired Generals have said this openly in Media that Pakistani secret agency shall target Baloch Activists whom are living abroad. The video statement of Parvaiz Musharaf and media statement of Retired General Abdul Qadir are there. So with out investigating in detail all possibilities. This is impossible for us to accept the police incomplete reports.”

“I request the Canadian authorities to scratch an effective broad based investigation of the Karima assassination. Reach out Pakistan Army Chief General Bajwa, ISI Chief, and prosecute them.”

Another close fellow of Karima Baloch is Hidayat Bhutto, who is renowned Sindhi Human Rights Activist and Executive Member of world Sindhi Congress, United Kingdom.

Hidayat said, “Karima Baloch was a brave, committed, and true daughter of Balochistan. She was and is a symbol of struggle against human rights abuses and freedom for the Baloch nation.”

”She escaped eminent threat to her life in Pakistan from the Pakistan military agencies. These threats continue to follow her in Canada too. Her death in mysterious circumstances and her international stature as a human rights defender require a thorough, transparent, and independent investigation by the Canadian government for the potential role of Pakistani agencies. Sindhi nation share the grief of Baloch nation on the loss of one of the finest daughters of Balochistan.”

Mir Salim Sanai, the leader of International Friend of Sindh who is in exile in Germany from last 40 years said, “Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence(ISI) killed Karima Baloch with help of Chinese Mafia in Canada.”

“After Sajjid Baloch who was killed similar way in Sweden now its another murder, calling Karima Baloch Dukthir-e-Balochistan(Daughter of Balochistan) Mir Saleem added, ”Her Murder will push Baloch Struggle more fast, Now all world knowing more about Human Rights abuses of two fascist countries(China-Pakistan).”

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”This is our last battle with monsters, we all must be United against Pakistan and China.”

Fazal Ur Rehman Afridi, who lives in France, a famous prominent Pashtun voice in United Nations said ”She was a symbol of Baloch-Pashtun Unity and always participated at the events organised by Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) at Geneva Switzerland.

”We request Canadian government to investigate this horrific incident and bring the culprits to justice. We Pashtuns offer our condolences to Baloch nation on this day of mourning.”

Aurang Zeb Khan another PTM activist who lives in Exile in Germany said ”She was a very strong girl both politically and physically. Anybody can see this power in Karima and in her unwavering commitment in the struggle of human rights and political resoluteness to Baloch’ cause throughout her past life.”

I can’t believe that Karima can make a suicide or even can think about a weak sense of escape. Karima was not living only for herself but for her entire Baloch nation and millions of voiceless people. She was a torch of resilience and inspiration not only for women but for men especially the youths suffering under Pakistani military suppression and oppression.”

”I can’t believe in the Canadian police report about the cause of her death. In my view, it could be an inside job of the Pakistani intelligence network and this is a clear directives of Pakistan’s army chief Gen. Bajwa.”

Rehmatullha Khan, PTM activist Belgium also strongly condemned Karima Baloch death and demanded to Canadian authorities for deep investigation.

Abdul Wajid Baloch, a young Baloch Human Rights Defender, another victim of disappearances by ISI in Balochistan who also lives in Germany said ” The Testimony of Karima Baloch murder is attempt to silence the voices of oppressed Nations”

”It has always been the practice of oppressive States in the world to silence these voices through state deep agencies.”

Wajid added, “The Canadian authorities Report is very disappointing and we Baloch totally reject the Police Report.”

These all Human Rights defenders and Party leaders and Representatives used to attend the UN Human Rights Council Regularly in UN office Geneva Switzerland with Karima Baloch and Karima Baloch was very close to them.

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As a columnist when I approched Toronto Police, The Police wrote to me officially and said, ”It is currently being investigated as a non-criminal death and there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances.”

But when I asked to Toronto Police what would be possible casues of Karima Baloch death, in my query response, Caroline de Kloet, Media Relations Officer of Toronto Police replied ”At this time we won’t be releasing anything further.”

Although so far Toronto Police didn’t responded my further quarries, but other side her family members denied Police earlier claimed and Hamal Haider,  husband of Karima Baloch said ”Karima Baloch’s death needs further inquiry. My wife was an immensely courageous and spirited person. Her work as an internationally prominent activist speaks for itself.”

“I believe it’s our right to request the Canadian authorities to leave no stone unturned in looking into the circumstances of her death as well the threats she had been facing since moving to the country. We have cooperated with the police and will continue to do so”, Hamal added

I meet her many times in Geneva Switzerland, just say “Baloch lost one Iron Girl.”

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