Exclusive: Balochistan King in Exile warns China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a military project for Punjab and China

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His Highness, Mir Ahmed Suleman Dawood Jan Ahmedzai is current Kalat of Kalat of Balochistan. Khan of Kalat living a life in Exiled in United Kingdom from 2007.

His Highness, Mir Ahmed Suleman Dawood Jan Ahmedzai became 35th Khan of Balochistan on 5th January 1998. After death of his father His Highness Mir Mohammad Dawood Jan.

His Highness Mir Ahmed Suleman Dawood Jan Ahmedzai exclusively talked with our Switzerland correspondent Bilal Balouch this week.

Talking with Eat News 35th Khan of Kalat of Balochistan said, “I left Pakistan and came to United Kingdom(UK) to draw the world attention for the Baloch cause.”

Khan of Kalat of Balochistan said on September 2006, I called the Baloch Jirga in the Capital of Baluchistan Kalat. The Jirga had decided that we should hold Pakistan Accountable for violating the Baluch rights so I came to the United Kingdom, due to Britain being part of agreements with Pakistan the newly created country. Which recognized Kalat Baluchistans independence and sovereignty.

Talking about China–Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) His Highness Mir Ahmed Suleman Dawood Ahmedzai said that CPEC is a Punjabi Military and Chinese military project; it does not benefit the common Baloch, if CPEC succeeds, the Baloch will lose their identity and land. For the Baloch it is a combination of Punjabi (internal) and Chinese (overseas colonialism). It is the new colonialism by China.

His Highness, Mir Ahmed Suleman Dawood Jan Ahmedzai Further added that No one develops another man’s country for good will and charity. 

Pointing Gwadar port Khan of Kalat said that Gawadr became Chinese empire’s security lifeline. It is a military project covered in the name of so-called development .It doesn’t mean that there will be no development, but without the Baloch. CPEC will benefit the Punjabi Army General’s and the Chinese Military and communist party only. 

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Khan of Kalat added and said I do not know whom these both countries are making fools ? Till today the Baloch people in Gwadar Balochistan do not have clean water, Electricity and other basic Human needs, In Gwadar, the Baloch people are on streets against China and Pakistan wrong doings and abuses of Human Rights. But these two countries instead of feeling shame are singing the song of so-called development in Gwadar. They are trying to make the world a fool, in the name of One Belt One Road.

In question regarding Human Rights situations in Balochistan , Khan of Kalat replied that ” I feel sad but not surprised;  because every country looks after its interest even on expense of another nation’s human rights, dignity, and life.” 

When our Eat News Switzerland correspondent asked about reasons that why all Baloch leaders abd Parties not being united, Khan of Kalat in this regard said, ” There are so many reasons, but leave the answer to the political parties,  leaders, and intellectuals; the Baloch have not many options but to unite. They will eventually come togather to form a united front against the enemies of the Baloch. I think every Baloch has realized, that we must be united just for Baloch and Balochistan.”

In a question regarding why Pakistan tested its neuclar bomb in Balochistan . In this regard His Highness said, “Punjabi Army Generals thinks we Baloch have less value as Humans and these Generals do not care how many Baloch die, and get effected from nuclear radiation.”

Talking about issue related to Taiwan and China compression, His Highness said, well I can not compare a fascist Regime China with a real True Democratic country that is Taiwan.

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Any one trying to compare Taiwanese democracy and democratic values with China. It will be clearly visible the difference between Democratic values of Taiwan and Chinese totalitarianism. 

In the end Khan of Kalat in his exclusive interview with Eat News left a message for all the Baloch and said, “Baloch struggle is not a class struggle, it is a struggle for national liberation.”

“The Baloch motherland demands unity from all of us; we cannot defeat the enemies of Baloch when divided. I appeal for unity. My decision for the future will be guided by the Baloch people and there support for national liberation.”

It is worth noting that Aga Ahmed Suleman Dawood Jan Ahmedzai, Royal title “His Highness” officially recognised-acknowledged by the UK government.

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Bilal Balouch is an Eat News correspondent at the United Nations, in France and in Switzerland. He was Accredited as Journalist to United Nation and European Parliament.


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