Congressman backed by Tsai Ing-wen removed for supporting import of ractopamine pork, opposing vaccine purchase

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Taiwan Statebuilding Party congressman Chen Po-wei, who DPP’s Tsai Ing-wen supported in the 2020 presidential and legislative elections, went through a recall vote on October 23. In the end, Chen’s dismissal exceeded the threshold of 73,744 votes, and Chen was confirmed to be dismissed. During Chen’s term in Congress, he voted against banning the use of ractopamine meat in schools when the Tsai administration attempted to open up the import of U.S. ractopamine pork to Taiwan. He voted against the import of 40 million doses of international COVID-19 vaccines in Congress this year.

After Chen Po-wei was dismissed, not only did he not review himself, he also arrogantly said, “More than 70,000 people voted against the recall in this constituency, so many people are brave enough to come forward and want to change the election culture in this place, this is the biggest contribution I can make to the local community, I don’t feel like losing, we still have a long time to win back in the next battle”.

According to the data of Taichung City Election Committee, the number of people who voted for the recall is 294,976, which are 73,357 in Shalu District, 61,037 in Wuri District, 45,309 in Dadu District, 62,032 in Longjing District, and 53,241 in Wufeng District. In addition, the threshold of dismissal is to agree with the votes of more than 73,744, and the number of deciding votes is higher than disagreeing votes. The final figures show that Chen Po-wei’s second election district in Taichung (Shalu, Wuri, Dadu, Longjing, and Wufeng) only won Wuri.

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The main reason for Chen Po-wei’s dismissal was his attitude towards essential motions in Congress. After the Tsai administration opened the importation of U.S. ractopamine pork without authorization, the Congress dealt with nine executive orders on the opening of ractopamine pork importation and some draft amendments to the Food Safety and Health Administration Act and the School Health Act on December 24 of last year, Chen objected to the explicit provision in the School Health Act that lai dose meat and products are prohibited in schools. In addition, Chen Po-wei voted against the motion to import 40 million doses of internationally certified COVID-19 vaccine and the completion of Phase III trials of the domestic COVID-19 vaccine before it could be administered to the public, but later lied and claimed that he had not opposed the purchase of additional vaccines.

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