Exclusive: Where I Found 23 Million ‘Useless’ Valid Passports

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If I say two week before I found twenty-three million ‘useless’ valid passports then.

Might you think I found them in a big box or in van who was parked in Airport Parking area !

But be sure I didn’t find these valid passports not even in any House nor any baggage.

Huh, I found all these passports in a United Nations office. Now, You must be thinking, how it can be possible.

It was 2016 when Mr Rheal Leblanc, a UN spokesman in Geneva, said ” The United Nations recognizes passports only from member states such as China, not Taiwan..”

To find out the reasons, Why United Nations Office Geneva (UNOG) denied entry Accreditation to a Taiwanese Delegation in 2016. Two week before, I wrote an email to United Nations Press Information Department Geneva Switzerland and asked. Is there any official list or Article exist in UN legal system about recognizing world Passports ?

UNOG replied ”When it comes to grant access to its premises, United Nations Office Geneva (UNOG) does not have an ad hoc policy for each country.”

”This is not the case of Taiwan or Kosovo, that are not UN member states (in the case of Taiwan, cfr. General Assembly’s resolution 2758 of 1971). This is why holders of Taiwanese passports cannot be granted a badge for access to the UN premises” UNOG added.

The resolution, passed on 25 October 1971, recognized the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as “the only legitimate representative of China to the United Nations” and removed the collective representatives of Chiang Kai-shek from the United Nations. Photo: Yutaka Nagata/UN Photo

It is pertinent to mention here that in 2014 and later in 2015 Taiwanese delegation welcomed with open arms by same United Nations office Geneva, then why stoped 2016 ?

UNOG explained ” As a matter of fact the rules have become much stricter and are applied to the letter (strictly) since relationship between China and Taiwan have deteriorated”

Taiwanese passport issued by the democratically-elected Government of Taiwan, is an universally-recognized travel and ID document. Taiwanese passport holders enjoy visa-free/e-visa to over 170 countries or areas including Switzerland and all Schengen countries.

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According to Henley & Partners World most powerful Passport Ranking, Taiwan passport Ranked 32nd and other side China in 72nd.

Switzerland who Hosts United Nations in Geneva also Recognized Taiwan 70 years before (1950).

Here Question remains for United Nations that ‘General Assembly Resolution 2758 of 1971 and deteriorated Relationship China among Taiwan really give any legal and official ground to United Nation Office Geneva to hold all 23 million Taiwanese peoples valid passports with label ‘ useless ‘ in UN waste container?

In November 15, 1971, the delegation of the People’s Republic of China was formally seated in the United Nations General Assembly. Photo: Yutaka Nagata/UN Photo

But Taiwan mission Switzerland Geneva says ” We regret to see UN’s double standard against Taiwanese and continue to urge the UN to change its unreasonable administrative measures against Taiwanese.”


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