Exclusive: Ex-Pakistani Mayor supports Taiwan’s United Nations membership

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Arif Aajakia once served as the Mayor of Jamshed Town in Karachi. He is a Pakistani French National living in London. For a decade now, Aajakia has attended sessions of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. He has a YouTube channel and provides political commentary to his 141,000 subscribers. Eat News managed to obtain an exclusive interview with Aajakia in late July.

How do you see the current relationship between China and the United States?

Aajakia told Eat News that the USA regularly accuses China of stealing their technology. It is unfortunate because China is notorious for infringing upon intellectual property rights. China hasn’t necessarily invented anything of its own. He calls the practice“robbery.”

Aajakia makes a clear distinction between the Chinese people and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He says, “The Chinese are [an] oppressed people, and Chinese communists are [their ]dictators.” Aajakia says the CCP relentlessly persecutes the Chinese people. Aajakia proclaims “If I say ‘China,’ I [refer] to communist [dictators] who have no limits and do not believe in humanity and ethics.”

Aajakia pointed out that the USA and the rest of the world are not happy with China. Even countries that receive aid from China and those that support its interests in the United Nations are dissatisfied with China’s current policies. The biggest grievance the Western world currently has with the CCP is its poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Aajakia pointed out that China claimed COVID-19 hadn’t reached Beijing-even though the disease originated in nearby Wuhan-at a time when the virus had made it to the rest of the world. It is clear to Aajakia that China regularly commits crimes against humanity, while the West staunchly upholds democracy and basic human rights-things that China never respects.

Aajakia thinks China’s relationship with the Western world is of utmost significance. The rest of the world pays a price as China carries out its calculative and imperialist agenda.

Photo: Arif Aajakia

What do you think of what’s happening to Uyghurs, Tibetans, and Mongols?

Aajakia said various countries concentrated on rebuilding in the aftermath of World War II. During this time, China quietly occupied lands that belonged to Tibetans, Uyghurs, and Mongols. China also occupied different territories belonging to India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Even today, China has territorial disputes with Russia and other countries.

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Under Chinese oppression, Uyghur Muslims are allowed to have the name “Muhammad,” however they are not allowed to grow facial hair. Uyghurs are not allowed to fast during Ramadan, a sacred tradition in Muslim culture. Furthermore, Uyghurs are kept in concentration camps where they are then “re-educated” by the CCP.

China has never believed in basic human rights. No Chinese person in China possesses any human rights. When Chinese people go to Europe, they know the countries they’re in guarantee a certain level of freedom. However, those people don’t truly understand what Tibetans, Uyghurs, and Mongols have to go through at the hands of their own government. Those regions must seek help from the rest of the world.

Photo: Arif Aajakia

What is China’s role in Hong Kong’s current situation?

Aajakia told Eat News that China signed international agreements, which guaranteed certain things to Hong Kong. The rest of the world believed that China would uphold their end of the bargain. However, Aajakia said that the rest of the world gave too much credit to the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP has never played fair or acted honorably. They only believe in power and ambition.

That is why the once free and democratic Hong Kong is now at the mercy of Chinese occupation. The People’s Liberation Army carries out brutal transgressions against human rights in Hong Kong. The people of Hong Kong are suffering as a result. Under China, the once free and democratic Hong Kong has now become a place in need of dire rescue.

What do you think China’s intentions are for Taiwan?

Aajakia thinks Taiwan’s situation is similar to that of Hong Kong. China-with its permanent position in the United Nations, large military presence, and economic prowess-has successfully prevented other countries from recognizing Taiwan as an independent country.

Aajakia told Eat News that he thinks Taiwanese people believe in civil liberties and democracy. He said that Taiwanese citizens are doing their best to help advance science and technology for the greater good.

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“If China attacked Taiwan, how will the Western world react?” Aajakia pondered. He said that he thinks the West has already issued a warning to China. It will not tolerate aggression toward Taiwan. He believes the West and other countries must come forward and help Taiwan become a member state of the United Nations. They must accept Taiwan’s independence and sovereignty. That is the only solution. Aajakia says that the rest of the world is not beholden to China.

Photo: Arif Aajakia

What’s your take on the China-Pakistan relationship and China’s involvement in Balochistan?

Aajakia talked to Eat News about China’s involvement in Gawadar, Balochistan. He said Pakistan is practically a colony of China now. Aajakia said that the most corrupt army regiment in the world can be found in Pakistan-the Pakistan Punjabi Regiment, which has effectively sold Pakistan to China.

The Pakistani people are not at all happy with China. The Pakistani government says that it does not support communism, while China says it does not support the Islamic faith. An alliance between China and Pakistan is a contradiction to both countries’ values.

In Balochistan, the Punjab Regiment has carried out genocide. It has hunted the Baloch people for decades now. China has since gotten involved with the Punjab Regiment. Both factions now oppress the Baloch people together. At this point, China has committed countless crimes in Pakistan.

There are many videos on social media of Chinese people blatantly disregarding laws in Pakistan. YouTube is full of videos that show Chinese people acting unlawfully in Pakistan.

In China, crimes are met with harsh punishment. People get hanged for their misconduct. However, Chinese people act with impunity in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan do not like conflict. However, tensions are rising slowly over the actions of the Chinese government and Punjabi Regiment. It’s only a matter of time before people get fed up.

Both the Punjabi Regiment and China loot resources in Gwadar, Balochistan with total impunity. The rest of the world must act now to help save the Baloch people from the brutality of China and the Punjabi Regiment.

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Balochistan was once an independent state occupied by Pakistan, but now it is partially occupied by China. Balochs will never accept this occupation willingly. They are beginning to resist Chinese efforts to exploit their natural resources.

China’s interference in Pakistan is alarming. The Pakistani government sanctions the sale of thousands of Pakistani girls to China for Nika (Islamic marriages). Those girls’ organs are harvested, and some are resold for other purposes. That is the brutal nature of the Chinese government.

Some of these captured girls manage to escape from China. Upon their return home, they tell harrowing stories of how the Chinese government did illegal things to them. China is playing an ugly, dirty role in Pakistan.

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