Exclusive: China forced half millions Uyghurs Muslims for cotton industry

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American based Think-Tank, Centre for Global Policy(CGP) revealed in its newly 14th December investigative reports that Chinese government forced half millions Uyghurs Muslims in Chinese Province Xinjiang for cotton industry in China.

CGP investigation summary, by Dr. Adrian Zenz, who is a Senior Fellow in China Studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, Washington, revealed that Documents of Chinese Governments and media Reports shows that how Chinese Regime in Xinjiang province using Half Millions ethnic Minority by force in labours cotton fields in China.

Report says that “Xinjiang produces 85 percent of China’s and 20 percent of the world’s cotton”.

“Chinese cotton products, in turn, constitute an important basis for garment production in numerous other Asian countries.” 

GCP newly 28 pages Report claims that “In  2018, three Uyghur regions alone mobilized at least 570,000 persons into cotton-picking operations through the government’s coercive labor training and transfer scheme. Xinjiang’s total labor transfer of ethnic mi-norities into cotton picking likely exceeds that figure by several hundred thousand”.

“The available evidence clearly suggests that labor transfers for cotton picking are taking place in an increasingly coercive environment. Especially since the middle of 2016, such transfers occur under high degrees of coercion. This also explains why local minorities have been replacing Han migrants from other parts of China.”

Report says that “In 2017, the year when the mass internments began, the labor training and transfer process in ethnic minority regions became even more coercive. Training settings for targeted groups of rural surplus laborers became highly militarized, increasingly securitized, and in several ways not dissimilar to the vocational internment camps. Trainings were to adopt a strictly disciplinary management style with an even stronger focus on intrusive political indoctrination and thought education efforts. This included the singing of “red songs,” learning to be grateful to the Chinese Communist Party, education in Chinese language, obeying the law”.

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Dr. Adrian in his Report says that “The U.S. government should put a Withhold Release Order on any product that contains cotton from any part of Xinjiang, not just cotton produced in Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps regions. This could be based on a “rebuttable presumption,” similar to the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, shifting the burden of proof to those who seek to use such products in their supply chains. Any product made in whole or part with cotton from China also needs to be closely scrutinized, given that Xinjiang produces about 85 percent of all Chinese cotton. Other governments should establish similar measures”.

Talking with European Media, regarding Report Dr. Adrian said “The problem is very deep because the Chinese state is trying to put the Uighurs to labour; they need to be busy and preoccupied.”

“Children are being separated from their parents in boarding schools; parents are being put full-time work because if you work full-time in a factory or in a cotton field you can’t go to a mosque and you can’t participate in traditional religious or community activities.”

Dr Adrian added that “This is first time Human Rights atrocities is so directly gonna effect us as a individual consumers. He says I am sure it will realy increase awarenes”.

Talking about China influences and Role on international orgnizations, Dr. Ardian Said , Although International Criminal Court (ICC) Rejects Uyghurs Genocides demands of investigation due to its Framework, ICC has no jurisdiction to investigate because China is not Memeber of ICC.

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“There are Limitation in our Multilateral Institutional frame work, at the United Nations we have similar situation. There China is playing eliteco optation influencing leadership, elites and other countries at the United Nations to support its own defination of Human Rights”, Dr Ardian added.

He said European Union and other countries need to do something against China. Dr Ardian Furthe added “We need to implement sanctions, we need to legislate un controlled fashioned industries, and we need to make industry accountable to this”.

Other side Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin’s in his regular Press Conference on December 15,  totally denied the allegations of CGP and said ” Helping people of all ethnic groups secure stable employment is entirely different from “forced labor”.

“All ethnic groups in Xinjiang choose their occupations according to their own will and sign employment contracts of their own volition in accordance with law on the basis of equality. They will not be discriminated against because of their ethnicity”

If we look on chart of world leading cotton producing countries after India China stand second with 5,933 metric tons.

This exclusive Report presuure to all those Islamic countries either they raise theirs voices for Chinese Uyghurs muslims Human Rights against China? In Past all those Islamic Countries raised their reservations time to time for Muslims Rights around Europe and Western Countries.

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