Heart problems become common among young people, says doctor after sudden death of an Indian actor

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On 2nd September, the news of Indian actor, host and model Sidharth Shukla’s sudden demise flashed on television and internet, that left many people heartbroken and in shock. According to the postmortem report of the actor, there were no external injuries. The 40-year-old actor suffered an unanticipated heart attack in his home at midnight and was brought dead to the hospital, next morning. Indian film industry paid condolence on the actor’s passing, including American professional wrestler John Cena. Deceased actor, Sidharth Shukla had also won the World’s Best Model Title, back in 2005.

After this, film fraternity and other users started expressing how unpredictable life is, and to live it wholeheartedly, on social media platforms. However, people are also wondering, is it the age to suffer heart attack? Sidharth Shukla was seen usually hitting gym whenever cameras found him, and was a concerned individual regarding his health, according to his pals. His fans do not accept the fact suitably as many were seen on cameras crying, whereas one of his fans got into partial coma due to it. After which one of the doctors, urged his fans to stay strong, and let the thought of Sidharth go from their minds.

Photo: Sidharth Shukla/Twitter

Suhani is an 18-year-old student who call herself Sidharth Shukla’s fan and was in ultimate shock when she got the news. ‘I was attending my online class when I got the news in morning. The moment I heard it, I immediately left the class and ran to confirm it. There is a WhatsApp group of Sid hearts (fandom name) where we all more than 80 people express our love for him. I did not eat for that whole day and still did not cross with the reality of him leaving us. He was beautiful and a kind soul who made us lucky by breathing the same air, we did.’

Dr. Simran with an experience of more than 5 years in this profession, discussed about the present heart condition of Indians and that now heart attack has nothing to do with the age. ‘It is not necessary, that if someone is fit and go to the gym, means they are healthy. Lot of other complications our body has inside that has to be taken care of. A healthy body includes, external plus internal care,’ said Dr. Simran. While commenting on Sidharth Shukla’s case, she said, ‘Yes, I read he was a daily visitor of gym and was quite cautious when it comes to being fit. But bodybuilding has lot of disadvantages too, depending on lot of factors.’

She further explained, ‘While people to gym, they indulge themselves into a rigorous exercise regime, after which body demands extra nutrients in an appropriate proportion to meet the basic needs, which has to be included in a diet. For example, mainly gym trainers suggest intakes of proteins but neglect other significant nutrients like potassium, magnesium etc. It causes unhealthy yet imbalance level of nutrients in the body.’

Entertainment industry demands an artist to get into a character mentally and physically. And considering they (artist) are not given enough time to settle in and accept the role, they look out for artificial alternates. Dr. Simran told Eat News, ‘They have to settle their personality into a fiction one, for which they do lot of hardwork and sometimes to get the muscle bulk faster also called muscle hyper trophy in a short period of time, actors choose protein supplements and steroids to get quick result, that evidently harm their body internally.’ On asking that if heart problems are anyway results of body building or taking supplements, to which she said, ‘If a person is sweating hours in the gym, then definitely it strains and put pressure on heart. And if somebody is going through a heart problem already, going to the gym can make it difficult as cardio vascular stress increases that can originate serious problems for an individual.’

Heart problems were considered as an aged disease before, that normally people above 60 years suffered from. But now we are looking people below 50 years of age are either undergoing angiography or are told to control their cholesterol level that can led to heart attack in future. According to Dr. Simran, ‘Yes, it was commonly observed among the people above 60 years of age earlier, due to the aging effects on cardio vascular system. But now every other adult is dealing with a heart problem because of the present lifestyle, lack of physical activities, stressful life, unhealthy diet, increase in substance abuse, smoking, alcohol usage. All these contributes in making heart weak directly and indirectly.’

Experts say, the most common heart disease in adults is coronary heart disease. Briefed by Dr. Simran, ‘It occurs because of the building of plaque in the walls of artery, that are supposed to carry blood circulation to heart. And plaque is basically made up of cholesterol. Intaking of cholesterol in regular manner can harm your body. Processed food, junk food, fatty cuts of meat, dairy products are some of the edibles that consist of cholesterol.’

Sidharth’s family, friends and fans are still in trauma with his sudden leaving but this surely as an individual makes us envision our future in peril if we carry on taking care of our body externally and not internally.

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