Hello Senator? The Duchess of Sussex on Republican Senators

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Meghan didn’t just get her royalty from America but hasn’t stopped the Duchess of Sussex from wading in on the ongoing US politics. She has again intervened and advocated for paid family leave in the $1.75 (£1.1) spending bill, this time calling on Republican Senators to support the paid family leave bill in the US.; the Duchess has broken the common tradition.

Early last week, Meghan Markle, who used to be famous for being on a TV show called Suits, this week reportedly cold-called Republican Senators to advocate for paid family leave – now a twinkle in a major spending bill. Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine said on Friday, and she was not expecting the call.

Shelley Moore Capito, a West Virginia Republican senator, also received a call, according to BBC. ” “I was surprised when Meghan Markle called me on my private line and introduced herself,” she added. Ms. Collins said that she was happy to talk with her. But more interested in what the people of Maine are saying about it.

Senator Capito told hinted on how she had received the mysterious call while driving. Seeing a blocked number, Senator Capito thought it was Senator Joe Manchin, another West Virginian. I’m in my vehicle. It says caller ID blocked. Honestly, I thought it was Senator Manchin. His calls come in blocked, and she said: ‘This is Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.’ I said: “Yes.

The Duchess of Sussex, who was reportedly given the senators’ phone numbers by a democratic, Ms. Gillibrand has been a vocal supporter of adding a family-leave provision to a spending bill now being debated in the Senate. Representatives for Senator Gillibrand and Senator Capito did not immediately respond to a comment request.

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Adding back the paid family leave by the Democrats measure to an unrelated action would complicate its passage and likely prompt a veto threat from the opposition. Republicans have opposed congressional efforts to establish a national paid family leave policy because they believe it would only create more red tape and burdens for the US government.

The United States is the only industrialized country with no form of government-mandated paid parental leave. Indeed, it places last on the list of rich nations for maternity benefits, with Republicans and some Democrats following continuous debates for months now. A small but growing number of US workers have access to paid family leave through their employers (approximately 21%). 

Apparently, the bill is a cause close to Meghan’s heart. Just last month, she wrote and posted the Congress website, PaidLeaveforAll.org. The note called on Congress to pass the major spending bill to create funds to provide weeks of paid leave for new mothers, fathers, and caregivers. 

“As a mother, I advocate for paid leave. Working parents are facing conflict between time spent at work or being present to their family. This sacrifice comes at a high cost.” Said the Duchess.

The British royal family is usually expected to remain politically neutral and is forbidden from voting or, to say the least, concern itself with the political decisions of other countries. Only in specifically delegated circumstances may members of the royal family express their views in public, such as in a referendum campaign.

The Duke (Harry) and Duchess of Sussex (Meghan), who previously stepped down as senior royals in March 2020, have been living in California.; they were the first royal couple in history to live outside the United Kingdom. Their home in Los Angeles, where the couple is raising their children, has been their home base for public appearances and charity work.

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Their decision to move sparked a debate about what kind of role the monarchy should play in a globalizing world. The Duke and Duchess’s decision to move to California was partly driven by concerns about how the royals might cope with Brexit, says royal biographer Robert Jobson.

He says, “They felt they could handle the economic fallout if they stayed in the UK.” But there is also a sense, Jobson says, that the royals “feel that they would benefit from having a warmer climate” and being somewhere “where their children could be educated and brought up in a more liberal environment.”

The Duke and Duchess also launched a new Instagram account with a post stating their decision to become a family unit, away from the demands of royal duties, and striking out as “a team working together as we start this new phase of our lives.” They have adopted this approach to protect their young family’s privacy while retaining the option for significant work on behalf of the nation.

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