India with second largest population in world is moving forward with more than 95 crore Indians vaccinated

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Initially people in India were hesitant with the vaccination process and hardly turned up at centres, when it all started. People were not treating it as a life saving step but were reluctant about the minor side effects it showed on some individuals. But today, approximately 66% of the Indian population is vaccinated with single dose and are moving forward speedily, as per the official data. According to the Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan, around half of the 18+ Indian population of the country have received at least one dose of the vaccination. Adding on to his statement, he said, ‘23% of the Indian population under 18+ have been fully vaccinated with both the doses. And that it is all because of the hardwork some states put in during the drive.’

India has reached an important milestone with more than 95 crore population vaccinated and is getting registrations of more than 5 lakh people every day on government portal. As per the data released by Union Health Ministry, more than 337,776,289 citizens within 18 to 44 categories received first dose across the states and union territories. Whereas, more than 66,910,347 citizens got their second dose. With each day passing, numbers are getting multiplied and people are showing up as a responsible citizen.

No doubt, initiations and efforts put by government and influencers paid off and convinced people to be more aware about the vaccination. The vaccination drives, caller tunes, commercials, influencers on social media platforms, door to door services all together helped in building the trust of people. Usha, a 34 years old housemaid said, ‘When it all started, I was quite sure about not getting vaccinated because lot of videos got viral about its side effects and how it is making the conditions worse for people. But then, we have an Anganwadi (courtyard shelter) around our area, and they explained us all regarding the importance and need of it.’ Usha told Eat News that, she and her friends went for the vaccination right after and got their first dose. Now their second dose is due for 15 November, for which they all are eagerly waiting.

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New Delhi has remained one of the worst hit places during the first and second wave of Corona virus in India. Being the capital of the country and with 2.18 crore population, record number of deaths were witnessed due to shortage of oxygen this year. After vaccines were introduced for the citizens, Delhi government started off the vaccination drives along with central government successfully. State governments have played a significant role in pulling off and reaching a target to have a vaccinated population in the country. The district health department of Delhi began a mega vaccination drive with a specific target of getting 150,000 people vaccinated within three days, according to the officials.

Jay is now fully vaccinated and is from Gujarat. While giving details of vaccination centres there, he said, ‘All the frontline workers who are part of it are very cooperative, at least the one I had an encounter with, because I heard about two three arguments people had with them during the vaccination process. Again, I supported these vaccines from beginning will do it now too from your publication. It is very important for everybody to be vaccinated for their own good and loved ones.’. Jay told Eet News about how he along with his friends explained to their neighbors regarding the same. ‘Lot of fake videos were getting viral about the side effects of vaccination and that planted a negative feeling in people’s mind. In our society we organized a small event, where we decided to speak about advantages of these vaccination. We also invited one of the Doctors to make things more credible for everyone’, said Jay.

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India ranks number 2 in world when it comes to the population. Around 17.7% of the world population is contributed alone by the country, which is quite a lot. With this number of population and democracy rule, it was like a challenge for Indian administration to reach a certain target. Dr. Samridhi Pandey quoted Eat News, ‘People are doing great work. We are slowly but at a constant speed reaching to our target. Being vaccinated is something which is the need of an hour and anybody who is around you and avoiding it, please make them understand about the repercussions of it.’

Even the government has announced to arrange vaccines at home for differently-abled people and those with restricted mobility. ‘I am disabled and cannot move out for the vaccination. I am not vaccinated yet, not even the single dose. My doctors suggested me to wait for a while, and has put me under observation. After hearing this news, I am relieved and will start the process of getting vaccinated as soon as possible’, said Farida.

Meanwhile India is actively working in vaccination process, the upcoming festive season is worrying experts. According to them, although more than half of the population have received its first dose, people should move under Covid guidelines to avoid any uncertainty, as mass gatherings is the biggest factor to ignite the virus again.

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