NSAs meet in Delhi manifested united notion of peaceful and secured Afghanistan

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The National Security Advisers’ level meeting took place on 10th November 2021 in New Delhi, India. Hosted by India, the NSA meet included the discussion about present situation in Afghanistan. Chaired by India’s National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, it was attended by delegates from Russia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. Representatives from two other countries, China and Pakistan were expected to mark their presence but chose not to, due to ignorant reasons. According to the information, National Security Advisor of Pakistan Moeed Yusuf right away declined the invitation through media. China, on the other side refused to come and gave ‘scheduling problems’ as an excuse.

India is not contended with the way, both the countries responded. Despite, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated all the delegates of seven different nations for their presence. He emphasized on four main points, solidarity in making strategy against drug trafficking and weapons from Afghanistan, to firmly counter the thought of using Afghan territory by terrorist groups, need for an inclusive administration and addressed the present humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan after formation of new administration.

A government statement read, ‘The senior security officers, representing the nations of Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, respected India’s initiative of organizing this meeting that allowed quality of exchanges between number of nations, that are equally concerned with Afghan situation.’

Mr. Satish Sharma is a political adviser and an expert. According to him, India firmly put his perspective on Afghanistan during this meeting and cleared his stand on the situation. He said, ‘With this meeting, India is aiming to display his clear stand on Afghanistan’s situation. Drug and arms trafficking is going to be a great challenge for the countries as it is expected to be one of the only major way of receiving funds for Taliban. As the sudden formation of new administration in the country has already affected the economy, trades have been halted and, in this case, Taliban will definitely fix it by such activities.’ He added, Terrorist organizations like Taliban receive funds by drugs and arms trafficking, so it is easily anticipated from them.

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After, Taliban came in power as an administration, there is a fear of increasing terrorist activities. After august, number bomb blasts have injured and caused causalities in the region. ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi has countered the decision of using Afghan territory for terrorist activities. It is roaming over our head as a threat because of various factors and one is, geographical proximity with our boundaries. It is much easier for them to send terrorists in our country comparatively and that is why India has to emphasize on this issue.’ He further added, ‘Also, we can’t trust them. For instance, earlier one of the Taliban’s representatives showed positive frame of mind for India but later corrected it, and indirectly touched Kashmir’s topic in his statements. So, they are like a snake now, who is desperately looking for a victim to get stronger on the world platform’.

Mr. Satish put his view point on humanitarian crisis and said, ‘Economy of Afghanistan is vastly depended on agriculture and had steadily improved in the last decade but here it is, again. After Taliban entered with power, humanitarian crisis is going to be a new trouble for people. Employment, food, healthcare, is on stake because with regressive mindset, one cannot build up a nation, taking its citizens along. And Taliban with no experience in political and social world, is going to make people and them pay heavy price, simultaneously.‘ Borders are not properly opened and that is affecting movement of healthcare and medical supplies for vulnerable people.

Irrespective of China and Pakistan openly refused to attend the meeting held in India, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi adjust focus on inclusive government. National Security Adviser of India Ajit Doval said, ‘Present situation in Afghanistan has affected all regions of the world. Therefore, all the neighboring countries together need to deal with the situation under a plan. Have to act in time.’ According to Mr. Satish, ‘China and Pakistan backing out does not majorly make a difference in any future plans. It was expected from Pakistan and China to come up with irrelevant reasons and to let go Delhi Regional Security Dialogue, as they publicly showed their support to Taliban. Meanwhile, what is more interesting to watch is Russia’s role in whole course of decided plan.’

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TOLO News reported Zabiullah Mujahid, Taliban spokesperson’s statement given in a press conference in Kabul about regional meeting held in India and said, ‘Taliban is optimistic about the Delhi Regional Security Dialogue hosted by New Delhi.’ While addressing the meet, India’s National Security Adviser Ajit Doval is hoping the developments in meeting, productive. He said, ‘I am confident that our deliberations will be productive, useful and will contribute to help the people in Afghanistan and enhance our collective security.’  

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