Prime suspect of Mumbai Blast Case 1993 Abu Bakar is arrested in UAE in an operation held by Indian Intelligence agencies

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Indian Intelligence agencies arrested one of India’s most wanted terrorists in UAE. The accused is said to be involved in 1993 bomb blasts in Mumbai that killed 257 innocent people and injured 713, after 12 coordinated blasts on March 12, 1993. In a successful operation held by Indian agencies abroad, terrorist Abu Bakar involved in explosive and arms training in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, transporting RDX used in the serial blasts and planning, conspiracy at Dawood Ibrahim’s home in Dubai, according to the information. Abu Bakar is one of the main accused in the behind the blast who was residing in UAE and Pakistan for a while. After the inputs shared among Indian agencies, he was fallen into trap and was arrested right away.

Abu Bakar was on the top list after he escaped in 2019 from the custody of Dubai authorities due to documentation issues. Since then, Indian agencies were looking for his information and how to lock him up. According to the information, top Indian officials have confirmed that they are in the process to bring Abu Bakar in India to start further investigation in 29 years old bomb blast case. Indian administration and victim families were waiting for this moment for so long, and finally are relieved with the news.

Information says, Abu Bakar along with Dawood Ibrahim’s henchmen Muhammad and Mustafa Dosa was involved in smuggling gold, clothes and electronic gadgets from gulf countries to Mumbai. Abu Bakar has huge business in several places of Dubai. He is married to a woman who is Iranian national and is his second wife. Defense expert Hemant Garg commented, ‘This is a big achievement for Indian intelligence agencies and for everybody who were a part of this operation. Abu Bakar was on the most wanted list from a very long time, let’s say more than 25 years. Now since he is arrested and India is completing process to bring him in the country and to investigate the case under complete law and regulations with a prime suspect in front.’ He further added, ‘Although the mastermind behind this blast is Dawood Ibrahim who is still not under arrest but Abu Bakar worked closely with him for planning this blast and having him is also a considerate success.’

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Dawood Ibrahim is an Indian gangster who has been behind several crimes, including murder, kidnapping, blast. He has been on run since Mumbai blast in 1993, and changes his safehouse frequently. According to the information, currently he is in Pakistan and operates activities from there. According to Mr. Garg, Indian agencies are a capable representative of India that complete various operations and are behind lot of successful inputs. He said, ‘Indian Intelligence agencies are quite capable of performing victorious operations and even did. The inputs they share with administration and other required departments most of the times, turns out correct. I am sure they are working to get all the most wanted terrorists involved in any kind of criminal offense in India along with Dawood Ibrahim. We are a step closer in Mumbai blast case investigation after this arrest.’

On asking it must be a satisfied moment for people who were injured or lost any loved one in the blast in 1993. ‘Yes, definitely it must be a relieved feeling for the people. And I think not only for people who lost their loved ones or were injured, but for every Indian’, said Mr. Garg. No official statement has been released by Indian administration but it is also seen as a big success from a political perspective. India has now additional evidence to prove it on international platforms that Pakistan is providing land to terrorist and terrorist activities with no intention to take any legal action against it. India is a prime sufferer in Pakistan being lenient on terrorists. Cross-border terrorism and ceasefire violations trigger frequent clashes between Indian soldiers and terrorists that cause several deaths and injuries every year. Mr. Garg told EAT news, ‘Recently, two terrorists were taken down who were said to be members of TRF group. One of them was involved in the killing of Policeman Ali Mohd Ganie in Kashmir. Soldiers received the information of terrorists hiding in area, after soldiers conducted search operation.’

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 According to the available information, highest number of ceasefire violations from Pakistan side was recorded in 2019 in last 16 years. As per officials, shelling and firing was very heavy by Pakistan troops in 2019- and 3289-times ceasefire violations by Pakistan army. ‘Pakistan army and their trained terrorists never wants a peaceful situation around. And these attacks are the biggest example. Indian army never initiated any wrongful or firing but never stayed behind in giving them tight revengeful answer. Many times, their firings have harmed civilians’ residence and even killed few of them. It is a responsibility given to Indian army, to protect civilians and we are doing it with all our hearts and mind dedicated’, said Mr. Garg.

Abu Bakar is under arrest and will be brought to India by Indian authorities. This arrest will benefit Indian intelligence agencies and administration for further investigation in the Mumbai blast case.



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