Taliban is being cautious in addressing India publicly for potential reasons

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From the day, Afghanistan’s complete mayhem broke out, Taliban is seeking for a global recognition as they are acting vigilant in releasing statements and recently, India encountered this behavior. Since Taliban took control over the country, it has been rational in the direction of India. Suhail Shaheen, the spokesperson of Taliban group tweeted, ‘The statement published in the media about Taaliban joining Jihad in Kashmir is wrong…. The policy of the Islamic Emirate is clear that it does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries,’ which was later reshaped by him in a BBC interview, ‘We have this right, being Muslims, to raise our voice for Muslims in Kashmir, India, and any other country.’ Where Russia, China and Pakistan openly expressed their willingness to join hands with Taliban, the group certainly needs more countries to support them globally. 

Rehan Rajput, a political analyst, writer and an experience holder as a Debate Panelist on various Political Television debates commented on the present series of development in Afghanistan and where India-Afghanistan relations going or could go. ‘The future will moreover depend upon the Taliban’s discourse towards India and its interests. The Indian actions are to be followed as per the Taliban govt’s responses. Undoubtedly, it’s a big setback for India diplomatically, and India needs to be cautious against any threat from Afghan soil. On the other hand, it needs to build up trade relations with Afghanistan’, he said.

Besides Taliban trying to build positive relations with India, India Ambassador to Qatar Mr. Deepak Mittal on the other hand, met the head of the Taliban’s political office for the first time after the Afghanistan government toppled over. The meeting included a clear statement given by India, to not conduct any kind of terrorist activities against the country, to Taliban. But it is difficult to trust the group after their series of history. According to Mr. Rehan, ‘It is real development amid such a turmoil situation. The Indian ambassador talks with the Taliban’s political Unit Head will lead to cooperation and further dialogues between the two nations. Besides, the developments are taking place is under a Wait and Watch situation. Any conclusion yet would be a little early to reach.’ He further added, ‘Honestly India and Afghanistan need each other. Taliban needs India for development, technology and regional cooperation, and India needs Afghanistan for economic and diplomatic reasons. It’s a mutual win-win situation. ‘

India has nearly evacuated more than 500 people since the operation started. Despite that, India also became one of the countries who stepped forward and opened borders for Afghan migrants. Both the countries have shared a good and a reputable relation with each other from a decades ago. And to stand as a helpmate for Afghans became India’s responsibility. Mr. Rajput told Eat News, ‘Truly, it is because of decades-old relations, and let me tell you that India could evacuate its people and others because India somewhere had played out successful backchannel diplomacy. India has had good relations with the last Ashraf Ghani government and prior Hamid Karzai government as well.’

Despite, one major threat to India that could surface is increase in attempts to recruit Indians for terrorist organization. No doubt, in last few years communal dispute has emerged that resulted to some consequential circumstances with Kashmir issue on the top. And Taliban being one of them, can take this opportunity to lure Indian Muslims to be a part of them. Rehan Rajput expressed his opinion and said, ‘Certainly, the Taliban may look towards Kashmir, where Separatists or the leaders of Hurriyat Conference can join hands with the Taliban. On the other hand, the Indian government must maintain the communal harmony between Hindus and Muslims across the nation. Thus, Indian Muslims are not going to be lured by the Taliban against their own country.’

In addition, the export import relations between the countries also got affected after Taliban captivated Afghanistan. The federation of Indian export organization informed that all the kind of trading travelling through Pakistan route has been stopped by Taliban. ‘It is affecting Indian trade every day now, which needs to be resumed as early as possible. And, if you look the other side, Pakistan trade with Afghanistan is double since the Taliban took over the capital Kabul,’ said Mr. Rajput.

In estimation about for how long Taliban can stay in power as a government and can replace the old narrative about them, Mr. Rehan said, ‘Taliban is likely to run the government for a long time, turning up a little soft and changed group. Further, the world leaders will recognize Taliban ruled Afghan government sooner or later for their own Economic relations and Regional peace.’

The country’s relation with all the others has been affected and changed after this, clearly. Meanwhile, India has taken one step forward and in talks with Taliban, cleared its concern that Afghanistan’s soil should not be used for Anti Indian activities and terrorism. Now, after withdrawal of United States troop completely from the country, all eyes are on Taliban’s next step.    

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