Bilal Balouch: The double standard of Pakistan and Pakistani religious groups

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Last week one Pakistani National attacked in Paris, and he seriously injured two innocent people.

Hassan Mahmood, 25 years Pakistani National, attacked two TV production employees with a meat cleaver in Paris, France, and both Journalists became seriously injured.

He came to France 2018 from Mandi Bahauddin, Central Punjab Town of Pakistan.

According to local media of France Pakistani attacker, both employees are Charlie Hebdo employees whose offices are on the same block used to house Charlie Hebdo.

French authorities confirmed after looking Mahmood phone data, they found that a Pakistani attacker searched online Charlie Hebdo address whos office was attacked by Islamic religious extremists in 2015 after publishing Prophet Muhammad cartoons.

Authorities also conformed Mahmood had initially planned to set fire Charlie Hebdo Magzine’s office. Police also found several turpentine bottles in Pakistani attacker bags.

The government of Pakistan stands on Charlie Hebdo recent announcement

Pakistan’s current Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi strongly condemned Charlie Hebdo‘s Cartoons issue, and Foreign Minister also lodged a protest with the French ambassador in Islamabad.

Foreign Minister said, “The published caricatures have hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims, I hope that this despicable act will not be repeated, and those responsible for it will be taken to a court of law.”

Moreover, recently, Pakistan’s government officially allowed religious groups in Pakistan to stage street protests against France in Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Pakistani Kashmir and tried to infiltrate godly extremist anger among Muslims of the world against Charles Hubdo Magzine employees and France in Pakistan.

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Muslims situations in France

More than 8 million Muslims live here; Muslims have equal rights values the same as others have in France.

Like others Muslims here in France are totally free to go for pray, Muslims Do Ramdan, celebrate Eid, keep a beard, Muslims are free to choose any Muslim name for theirs children’s, they have Prayers mosques, where they free to do whatever their religious beliefs, as a Muslim including me all are totally free even majority Muslims prayer community centers are being paid officially by France government.

Muslims situations in China

When we see Muslims’ situations in China, Pakistan’s neighboring country, the Muslims’ problem is totally different and worst.

According to reliable Media Reports and Uyghurs Human Rights representatives, the Uyghurs Muslims’ situation is worse in China. According to Dolkun Isa, president of World Uyghurs Congress, in Xinjiang, China, Muslims Uyghurs facing the worst problem, the Muslim community in China is not permitted to observe fast during Ramzan’s holy month. Uyghurs Muslims are forcefully fed through community kitchens. Uyghur Muslims in China are not even allowed to give religious names to their children. They are not allowed to keep the beard, are not allowed to wear by their choices, Muslims in Uyghurs are in detentions centers their Chinese authorities detained thousands of Muslims illegally. Uyghurs Muslim Not only religious rights but their basic human rights are also taken away, which is still continuing daily in China.

Dolkun Isa is a President of the World Uyghur Congress. Photo: Fausto Chou/Eat News

When we compare the situations, not Muslims, it’s quite clear openly that Muslims happily living and continue their daily life in France but in China situation is totally different and oppose.

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Muslim in China is facing the worst situation daily, which is still continued till today, but the Pakistani Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, including Pakistani religious groups only concerned regarding Muslims issues for selected countries, even Muslims are living everyday life in these countries, but Pakistani authorities including Pakistani religious groups are totally silence, Pakistani Foreign Office and Pakistani Foreign Minister never complained or raised theirs concerned on Uyghurs Muslims worst situation in China with Chinese authorities. Which shows the double standards and hypocrisy of Pakistan and Pakistani religious groups.

I remember in a TV interview 2019 when Stephanie Findlay, correspondent of  Financial Times, asked Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan,” what is your stance on China’s treatments of Uyghurs Muslim” that time.

“Frankly, I don’t know much about it, if I had enough knowledge, I would speak about it, but it is not so much on the papers,” Pakistan Prime Minister replied.

Perhaps the religious extremist hate messages that Pakistani religious groups have been spewing against Charlie Hebdo over the last month have reached Paris, France, through print, digital or social media, and infiltrated the Paris attackers’ minds. Who was it that hurt two innocent journalists and created a religious extremist panic in France?

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Bilal Balouch is an Eat News correspondent at the United Nations, in France and in Switzerland. He was Accredited as Journalist to United Nation and European Parliament.


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