Ornella Sukkar: The bad situation in Lebanon make necessities allow prohibitions

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Everybody thinks that worst situation in Lebanon is because a conspiracy theory. All know that external pressures do not prevent the formation of the government. Some people thought that the bad situation in Lebanon on economical and health issue get worst because of United State and Saudi Arabia policy but that’s not true. And that the Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, is unable to form a government because he refused to nominate Hezbollah in the coming government. This disruption is caused by several intertwining factors, which need to be clearly categorized.

Many Lebanese are growing more concerned about how to make ends meet to all these collapses, made by the coronavirus pandemic and a complete lockdown and poverty that has been started with January 17, the Lebanese revolution against corruptions. The specter of poverty is haunting the majority of the Lebanese , be they poor or wealthy , as they struggle to buy food and basic necessities amid worsening living conditions resulting from a complete lockdown and night curfew that started Jan. 7. In addition to the mismanagement of the country at the economic, monetary and financial level, which created a crisis in the exchange rate.

In order, nobody helps Lebanon to overcome these political, economic, security and judicial accumulations due to the sectarian system based on the distribution of dividends and shares among the sects and not on those who are worthy of competence and integrity.

I believe that the initiator of the Patriarch, Mar Bechara Al-Ra’i, has the full right to export these affilliations that call for neutrality and internationalization due to the fact that the crisis in Lebanon has worsened and it is no longer possible to remain silent about it.

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Lebanon cannot be a hostage in the hands of the young players and the exhausting conflicts that have destroyed the countries of the East with the colored revolutions, whose aim was to demonize the country, sabotage and sow discord and divisions among the sons of the same nation that unite many common denominators existing on the heritage, customs, culture and challenges that affect not only the Muslim but also Christian. Due to the fact that this war is on the Future of humanity not also religion and that what corona pandemic shows us in Europe and everywhere.

That why we should focus on how we have made the right reforms and what kind of targets we are aiming to achieve. Because staying on the same structure of the political system means staying in the same conflict and vortex.

In fact, all of these collapses are caused by the sectarian system that achieves privileges and perpetuates this crisis situation. By working on the right  reforms that  come through appealing to international institutions, the international community and the Security Council only. We must face this impasse with a true national project on which all components of Lebanese society unite.

Because, the international movement in Lebanon motivated by humanitarian and political aid does not come as a sympathy for the suffering and miseries of the Lebanese people, but rather a service for their own interests, so that the Lebanese issue becomes more internationally exposed, as is the case in Libya today. So when the international community contributed to solving a crisis, whether in Iraq, Syria, Palestine and especially Lebanon in 1975 until the Taif Accord in 1989, it was not a solution. Rather, it strengthened the Lebanese division and rift, and enforced sectarianism, and intensified regionalism, in which,  the issue of division or federalism became a reality in Lebanon.

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While some statistics talked about Lebanon’s need for a huge international contribution to rebuild Beirut and its port ($ 5-7 billion), donor countries will not make any serious involvement in reconstruction projects before making sure that a government change takes place, and that the Lebanese are satisfied with, in a way that restores confidence. The international community also provides a basis for political and security stability of which an international reconstruction workshop can be launched. So, my question why the West rushing to help Lebanon economically, when the capital city, and Beirut port explosion is an Israeli aggression and Western support it? Why was Judge Fadi Sawan excluded from exercising his powers with the aim of achieving justice and the case was closed suspiciously, and in an unethically way. This arrogance and absurdity of dealing with  the fate of the nation prompted the families of martyrs to escalate their cry, demanding justice. The second question is why France did not provide satellite images about the port explosion?

To conclude, another discussion is taking place not far from the atmosphere of the Hezbollah alliance and the President of the Republic, taking advantage of Macron’s call for a “new political contract. The Secretary-General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah had called for years ago for a founding conference to reformulate the constitution of Lebanon, thus changing the system of government and ending the work of the Taif Agreement, which has been in force for three decades. It was understood from this call that there is a tendency towards establishing a system based on the triangulation between Sunnis, Shiites and Christians, instead of the parity system between Muslims and Christians in force today.   Nasrallah stopped raising the issue due to his extreme sensitivity even among Hezbollah allies.

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Therefore, I find that the most appropriate solution for Lebanon is to go towards a new social contract, because the existing formula, since the Taif Agreement, has brought Lebanon to its explosion, bankruptcy and humiliation.


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