Arshad Sulahri: Homosexuality is God’s will

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Professor Wajahat Masood’s essay on homosexuality discusses human ethics, human behavior, human rights and the acceptance of people with different identities in society. Which has traditionally been accused of denigrating and promoting homosexuality, instead of arguing and resolving the issue.

Promoting homosexuality is such that if someone talks about the rights of people with disabilities, it is said that someone is promoting disability. Homosexuality is a human issue. Homosexuality cannot be promoted from any angle. How can one attract someone to be gay? It is not an ideology, a culture or a religious identity to be preached. We need to understand homosexuality. Homosexuality is not a crime. There is no attitude. Nor is it an optional verb. It is a matter of a person’s different identities.

Eunuchs are born with different identities. Most have a dual identity. Every conscious being knows this. No married couple expects their children to be eunuchs instead of boys or girls. But they are powerless. Eunuchs are born from the human womb. Eunuchs also have rights as human beings. Talking about the rights of eunuchs, how to promote dual identity.

We are not isolated from the rest of the world. Just as there are people with different identities in the rest of the world. They are also on the territory of Pakistan. We cannot claim that all human beings born in Pakistan have the same identity. Have the same religion Have the same tendency Everyone thinks the same. Speak the same Walk the same This is not the case at all. There are many other identities, including female, male and eunuch. Every human being is born with his own identity.

Man has no right to be born with identity. It is God’s will and all human beings are God’s creatures. It is God’s work. Factory power. There is nothing that man can do about it. Religious thinkers often refer to the nation of Lot as homosexual. The sinking of the city and the destruction of Lot’s people are told. Any Muslim, Christian or Jew can say that the nation of Lot was killed by a righteous and virtuous nation. Another group had drowned the people of Lot.

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There is historical evidence that this did not happen. They were the victims of God’s wrath. The point of all humanitarians, including Ustad Wajahat Masood, is that people of the same sex are also God’s creatures and human beings. As human beings, we need to adopt a humane attitude instead of hating human beings. The rest is left to Allah. Man is not involved in it.

The state, no class, no religion has the right to decide the fate of people with different identities or deprive them of their human rights. Every human being has the full right to live in solitude. No law in the world allows intrusion into anyone’s private life.

It was the responsibility of the state to inform the health department about people with dual and separate identities and to remove misconceptions among the people, but the state, like many other issues, is silent on homosexuality. Due to the lack of awareness, many elements in the public come down to make their own decisions. As a result, countless people have been killed.

Hate people with different identities, including homosexuality, don’t consider them human. Don’t give them human rights. To kill them There is interference in God’s work. There is rebellion against the laws of God. Because God did not create them all. They are God’s creation. God willing.


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