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Bilal Balouch: Pakistan Army seeking Judiciary custody?

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5 mn read In a democratic country, as part of the separation of powers, the Judiciary’s functioning is kept independent of the Legislature and the Executive’s ambit in order to avoid any undue influence of the ruling dispensation in the quest for justice. Essentially, if the judiciary is subverted, the ethos of democracy is in peril. In the Indian Subcontinent, if there is one country that has repeatedly witnessed the undermining of its judiciary, it’s none other than Pakistan. Let’s examine this in detail.

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Exclusive: The UN Human Rights Council leaks secrets to China, infuriating the President of World Uyghurs Congress

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4 mn read Might you constantly think and have logic that United Nations always protect and promote human rights, civil society activists, human rights defenders, and other peace promoters worldwide? Defiantly, you thought with a firm belief that it is not possible how an un-democratic country China could control and use United Nations to counter human rights defenders.