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Debt and deficit: UK coronavirus spending and how it impacted the economy

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4 mn read Creating a hospitality surge has arguably been number one priority of the United Kingdom’s government to boost the economy since lockdown lifted. Figures released by Her Majesty’s Treasury reveal restaurants across the country have made more than 87,000 claims on discounted meals, via the Eat Out to Help Out scheme. By the third week since its inception, the British government had spent £336 million reimbursing businesses.

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Perseus: Hongkongers’ thoughts on the UK Government’s BNO visa scheme

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5 mn read With the United Kingdom Government having set out at the end of July details of its policy for Hong Kong British Nationals (Overseas) (“BNOs”), more and more Hongkongers are starting to arrive in the United Kingdom, wishing to take advantage of the United Kingdom Government’s scheme for BNO status holders and their dependants.