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Starless Indian indie film gets audience attention on OTT platform with COVID-19 pandemic

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5 mn read Cinema is recognized as an art form that contributes in escapism. And during the pandemic, this formula is widely followed all across the globe. Self-isolation and quarantine with movie halls being shut, people chose to stick to OTT platforms for watching movies and TV shows. According to the statistics released by the JustWatch, a popular application that helps users to find movies and series among OTT platforms shows 100% increase in traffic on their site. In a survey conducted by app distribution platform MoMagic, 54% Indians prefer watching movies in theatres whereas there are 44% of people who believes in watching TV shows and movies on OTT platforms. And this has brought a golden chance for young and upcoming filmmakers to showcase their work on such platforms and to hold on to the amount of viewership they were aiming for so long.

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Perseus: Has Mulan brought honour to the Disney family?

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4 mn read There is often a lot of excitement associated with releases of Disney films, and Mulan was no different. The long-awaited live action remake of Disney’s Mulan finally opened in the Mainland of China this weekend following a straight to streaming release on Disney+ in other countries earlier this month. Despite how anticipated Mulan was with many Disney fans, potential bad publicity was never far behind any promotion of the film. In 2017, an article pointed out that Disney’s choice of actress to play the titular role, American Chinese-born actress Liu Yifei, was at least at the time considered as one of China’s worst actresses according to Douban, a Chinese IMDb-style website.