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Starless Indian indie film gets audience attention on OTT platform with COVID-19 pandemic

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5 mn read Cinema is recognized as an art form that contributes in escapism. And during the pandemic, this formula is widely followed all across the globe. Self-isolation and quarantine with movie halls being shut, people chose to stick to OTT platforms for watching movies and TV shows. According to the statistics released by the JustWatch, a popular application that helps users to find movies and series among OTT platforms shows 100% increase in traffic on their site. In a survey conducted by app distribution platform MoMagic, 54% Indians prefer watching movies in theatres whereas there are 44% of people who believes in watching TV shows and movies on OTT platforms. And this has brought a golden chance for young and upcoming filmmakers to showcase their work on such platforms and to hold on to the amount of viewership they were aiming for so long.