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Exclusive: CCP Propaganda claims 71-year-old former Xinjiang official advocates separatism, his daughter says he is innocent!

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2 mn read The Global Times, which is considered as the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) propaganda, published a story that quoted spokesman for China’s Xinjiang province to respond that Memet Abdula, 71-year-old, the former chief of Xinjiang Forestry Department, was involved in bribery and separatist advocate. Memet Abdula’s daughter, Subi Mamat Yuksel, told Eat News, “My father has never committed any crimes and has spent his life doing valuable work.

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Communist China sentences 71-year-old Ex-Uyghur official to life in prison, but no investigative evidence or court verdict

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4 mn read Chen Quanguo, who ran a repressive regime as secretary of the Chinese Communist Party’s Tibet Autonomous Region, was reassigned to Xinjiang in August 2016 to implement a series of concentration camp policies modeled on those of Nazi Germany during World War II. Chen ordered that the Uyghur elite be sent to concentration camps, even former Uyghur officials under CCP’s power. One of the official was former Chief of the Xinjiang Forestry Department, Memet Abdula, whose daughter, Subi Mamat Yuksel, is currently seeking help in the United States.