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Exclusive: Will the US Boycott Beijing Winter Olympics? Tea Party Leader Reminds China: the U.S. Boycotted Moscow 1980

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2 mn read More than 180 human rights organizations have called for a boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics protest China’s mass human rights abuses. But the U.S. government, which leads the “free world,” has so far not supported the boycott it. In response, Michael Johns, a Tea Party leader and former speechwriter for U.S. President George H. W. Bush, reminded China in an interview with Eat News that the U.S. boycotted the Soviet-hosted Moscow Olympics in 1980. “It’s a big symbolic step.”

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Exclusive: China Talks in Alaska about U.S. “Massacre of Blacks,” Tea Party Leader Spits: Ridiculous!

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4 mn read The first high-level meeting between U.S. and Chinese officials under the new Biden administration started on March 18. Senior U.S. diplomats accused the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) of “genocide” against the Uyghurs, while Chinese diplomats counter that the U.S. has allowed a “massacre of black people.” In response, Tea Party leader and former speechwriter for U.S. President George H. W. Bush Michael Johns told Eat News, China’s allegations were “ridiculous”. He said, “I honestly was immensely offended with the Chinese delegation’s lecture of us,” and “Let’s reconvene when you’re prepared to address these issues honestly and sincerely.”

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Exclusive: US Tea Party Leader Visited Taiwan in the Last Years of the Cold War, Supports Taiwan’s Independence

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2 mn read The U.S. government’s attitude toward Taiwan has always been i ntentionally ambiguous. In 1949, the U.S. allowed Chiang Kai-shek, who had lost t he Chinese Civil War in Mainland China, to rule Taiwan dictatorially to c ounterbalance Communist China. In 1979, the U.S. broke off diplomatic relations with the Republic of China to unite with the Chinese Communist Party to confront the Soviet Union. Even in recent years, the U.S. has not dared to take a stand on the issue of Taiwan’s independence, indicating that U .S. foreign policy remains strategically ambiguous and that the US tacitly supports the status quo. In response, Michael Johns, a leader of the Tea Party and speechwriter for former U.S. President George H. W. Bush, stated directly in an interview with Eat News that he supports Taiwan’s independence and emphasized that his position has always been the same.